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This is the first reading comprehension test. 

The passages used on this test are credited to:

“Going, going, gone: Is Animal Migration Disappearing?” Wilcove, D.S., Wikelski, M. PLOS Biol. 2008 Jul; 6(7): e188.

“MR Fluid and its Application.” Sulakhe, V.N., Thakare, C. Y., Aute, P.V. International Journal of Research in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering. 2013; 1(7): 125 – 128.

“Advances in Neuroprosthetic Learning and Control.” Carmena J.M. PLOS Biol: 2013; 11(5): e1001561.

1. The test consists of 50 multiple choice questions.

2. You have 60 minutes to complete the test.

3. You are able to jump around between questions as much as you like, as well as mark questions for review.

4. When finished, simply click the “submit test” button.

Good luck!!!

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